McNabb Is the New Favre

10.03.06 11 years ago

In a game that must have been exciting for Eagles fans and Brett Favre haters, the Packers succumbed 31-9 to Donnie McNabb & Co last night. Surprisingly, the game was actually close until the second half, when McNabb started going wild (2 TDs rushing, 2 TDs throwing) and Favre started being Favre (2 INTs).

Favre actually left the game in the 4th quarter with some kind of nebulous condition that the AP called a "head injury," the team called a "splitting headache," and Coach Andy Reid called "a stinger to the head." I don't understand why Favre left at all. He's been playing with some kind of judgment-impairing concussion since 2003 — why take him out now?

Goddammit I'm tired of making Brett Favre jokes. I wish this asshole would retire. This is like pulling teeth. Without Vicodin.

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