Meanwhile At The Lakers Game, Danny Trejo Took A Picture So It Will Last Longer

On Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers drove their fans one step closer to purchasing Clippers jerseys for the postseason with a 110-100 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats, who are 7 games below .500 and still somehow the Eastern Conference’s No. 8 seed, thanks to the complete imbalance of the NBA’s current talent landscape*. So while NBA pundits and talking heads debate whether or not the Lakers are tanking for a shot at one of this year’s “sure thing” Top 5 draft picks, the super fan celebrities sitting courtside are left to find enjoyment in just about anything else that happens during games.

Take Danny Trejo, for example, who spent most of Friday’s game either taking pictures of random fans or Laker Girls’ asses, while also serving as the last line of defense between George Lopez and Jack Nicholson’s daughter, Lorraine. But seriously, I’m sure Lopez wasn’t actually flirting with Lorraine, mainly because she’s not a professional escort that he could sleep with while married to a woman who gave him a kidney. You know, allegedly.

Lopez and Trejo actually star together on the upcoming FX series Saint George, which features Lopez as a guy named George Lopez, who is recently divorced and trying to juggle a career with his bitter ex-wife and his zany relatives. Or, you know, every idea that Lopez has ever had.

*And I don’t mean that as a knock to the players on the terrible teams, as much as the owners, presidents, GMs and coaches who prove day in and day out that they are wholly incapable of doing their jobs.

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