Meanwhile, The Police Weren't F*cking Around After Kentucky Upset Michigan

The Lexington Police Department also had its hands full this weekend, starting with Kentucky Wildcats fans torching everything in sight after their team upset the Louisville Cardinals on Friday night. Maybe instead of the Wildcats, we should try calling these teams the Well-Behaved Cats, am I right? In all, at least 25 fires were reported throughout Lexington on Friday night and early Saturday morning, but LPD officials were quick to pat themselves on the backs for the way they learned from Kentucky’s 2012 NCAA Championship, as they boasted no use of force after Friday night’s win.

That’s why they weren’t messing around with yesterday’s Kentucky upset victory either, as officers were suited up and ready to get orderly all over everyone’s asses as soon as the Cats knocked off Michigan to advance to the Final Four. Sure, there were reports of fires again, but the police seemed to be on top of it all.

Only police and police cars lined the streets since parking restrictions were still in place but the crowd didn’t seem rowdy. Beer cans were thrown in the air but it was mostly high fives and fans shouting C-A-T-S! C-A-T-S! C-A-T-S!

A few blocks away, State Street once again lived up to its reputation with crowds and fires but this time couches seemed safe.

Firefighters told ABC 36 there were around 20 small fires, only one of them being a couch that was quickly put out and they said fortunately they had no medical calls. (Via WTVQ)

And while it’s not the most thorough video evidence in the world, this video shows the basic extent of the celebration in Lexington yesterday. Perhaps these students and fans caught some highlights of Arizona’s fun and said, “Nah, we’ll skip being shot in the chest with pellets this time.”

Meanwhile, we’re just two Kentucky wins away from this guy being declared the smartest man in the world by himself and Darren Rovell: