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Finished yesterday, an undefeated home season by the Kentucky men’s basketball team. Under first year head coach John Calipari, the Wildcats went 18-0 in Rupp Arena, an achievement offset by the fact that all of those games had to be played within the state of Kentucky.

Scored, by Penguins forward Sidney Crosby, two goals and one assist in his team’s win over the Dallas Stars Saturday. The Penguins are 3-0 since returning from the Olympic break, but since the Olympics are over, nobody really cares.

Re-signed, to an undisclosed contract, Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, who was assigned the team’s “franchise player” tag late last month. Wilfork called the move an “insult,” but the thing about insults is that they’re easily remedied with large bags of cash.

Scheduled for distribution, 500,000 female condoms, in “beauty salons, convenience stores and high schools” in Washington, DC. What do the women need to wear condoms for? It’s not like I’m gonna get pregnant…



Magic 95, Lakers 94.

NCAA Men’s BB.

No 3. Kentucky 74, Florida 66.


  • We don’t really have much to say on this Michael Vick interview that everyone went nuts over last week.

    The Legend of Cecilio Guante.

  • Jim Sorgi might be backing up that other Manning next season.


  • If you can somehow manage to not piss yourself, you could end up with free Wizards tickets.

    That NBA Lottery Pick.

  • Few posts on the internet do it for me like Vince’s Comments of the Week.


  • Here’s a list of the most depressing NBA teams. I would have just said, “All of ’em.” Bleacher Report.
  • Everything athletes wanted to know about using Twitter, but were afraid to ask.


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