A Meat Company Made Sage Kotsenburg’s Bacon Medal Dreams Come True

After winning the gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics slopestyle event on Feb. 10, snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg had a pretty hectic time as the first American to strike gold in Sochi. Once he was done with the whirlwind media blitz, Kotsenburg didn’t really want to stick around Sochi and hook up on Tindr or adopt some stray dogs. Instead, he just wanted to go home and see his parents, because he only had a limited window of opportunity to do so. Fortunately, as he Tweeted on Valentine’s Day, a very generous traveler gifted Kotsenburg his own plane ticket and the Olympian was on his way home.

But what he lacked in Olympic Village partying, he’s making up for in free swag. Shortly after his big medal-winning performance, Kotsenburg joked on Twitter that he wished his gold medal had been made out of bacon. Naturally, even the simplest jokes can become a reality, as the folks at Godshall’s Meats in Pennsylvania have gifted Kotsenburg with his very own turkey bacon Olympic medal.

“It was just kind of a perfect storm, because this product is just geared toward athletes, people who are health conscious,” Rob Godshall, a vice president and co-owner of the company, told ABC News today.

The company this morning sliced up a new version of the bacon medal made from one round slab of meat — in contrast with the earlier iteration, which employees fused together from different pieces of bacon. It isn’t making the medal-shaped meat commercially available.

To make the medal, workers used a steel-tip, wood-burning tool to etch the design from a projected image of the official Olympics award.

The company heard Kotsenburg would be in New York tonight, and it’s racing against the clock to get a “bacon medal” in his hands.

“We’re working on having somebody run it up to New York this morning,” Godshall said. (Via ABC News)

There’s no word yet on whether or not Godshall’s will make bacon medals available for the public, but if he’s taking requests, peppered jerky medals would be the absolute tits.