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We’re reworking our lead-off post to give you a plate full of sports news goodness every morning. We’re calling it the Morning Meat, and it will set the table for the business that With Leather gives you throughout the day. Like everything else on this site, it’s a work in progress. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

Tebow’s Super Bowl Debut. Tim Tebow and his mom shot a commercial to air during the Super Bowl for “Focus on the Family” in which they share a personal story centering on morals and the theme “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.”  I swear I won’t be shocked when we find out that Tebow is part of the Tiger Woods club.  No one is this good.

No Facebook for U! Man U has put the kibosh on all social networking sites, and stresses that all legit news will be delivered through–or else. I wonder if this means Wayne Rooney had to cancel his eHarmony account…

Everybody Was MMA Figh-tiiiing. B.J. Penn has been workin’ on his fitness big time.  Word on the street is that he’s gearing up to defend his title against Frankie Edgar.  He is a good jumper.

Knick Out the Jams! New York Knick Nate Robinson is all set to defend his slam dunk title for the hat trick at All-Star Weekend.  Someone clearly pissed in his Wheaties, because he’s being all Debbie Downer about it.  Shannon Brown is super pumped to participate, though, so I hope he wins!

Who’s the Best Coach Now?! Of the four remaining coaches in the race to the Super Bowl, who’s the best? One time Bum Phillips said something about “taking” and “beating” and a two-way street or something.  All I know is one of them may be the big winner, but Rexy will always be sexy.

Sunny-side up scores containing at least one 0

NBA Kings 103, Bobcats 105

Bucks 98, Rockets 101

Spurs 97, Hornets 90

Nets 95, Clippers 106

76ers 103, Timberwolves 108

Mavericks 99, Celtics 90

NHL Devils 0, Islanders 4

Thrashers 0, Panthers 1

Oilers 0, Avalanche 6

NCAAB N. Carolina Central 30, Virginia Tech 72

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • Next time your mom or wife (same thing, right?) yells at you for logging too many hours playing video games, just tell her you’re helping stroke patients. Gamma Squad.
  • Robert Pattinson as Spider-Man? I guess it couldn’t suck worse than the last one.  Unless they make it full-on musical.  Then I’d have to stab my face off. Film Drunk.
  • Looks like Buffalo gets Chan Gailey.  Too bad it’s not Jackie Chan.  He’s clearly the better Chan. Kissing Suzy Kolber.
  • Pretty cool pictorial of Dr. King as a family man.  The Rap Up.
  • The best NFL offensive player of the Aughties – that must’ve been a tough one to tackle (HAR HAR HAR!). Bleacher Report.
  • JACK IS BACK! WOOOOOOOOO! This is news because it’s not about Kiefer Sutherland being drunk. Inside TV.
  • Is one still considered a pedophile if the object of “affection” is an under-aged Marvel comic heroine? Comics Alliance.
  • James Cameron’s doppelganger is cooler than James Cameron. Inside Movies.
  • Jonah Hill is in the 21 Jump Street remake.  No Depp?  Meh.  Pajiba.
  • Celebs cross-dressing?  Most of them need to stick to their day jobs.  Except a fair portion of those people aren’t even good at their day jobs. Uncoached.

Tips? Okay, but that’s it.  Anything more and I’ll have to turn you in to HR:

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