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Thanks to Deadspin and Awful Announcing, I'm now am aware of the touch® by Alyssa Milano Ultimate Fan sweepstakes.  The grand prize winner of this contest will receive two tickets to two Dodgers games, hotel accommodations for three nights and an opportunity to meet the lovely Alyssa at one of the games.  Admittedly, an "opportunity" doesn't sound like much, but my favorite witch revealed she will have dinner at the Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium with the lucky winner.  Ooohh, the Dugout Club, that sounds expensive.  I had better brush up on my dining etiquette just in case I win this thing.  Let's see, use the silverware from the outside in, refrain from slurping the soup, and always begin any dinner conversation with the phrase, "Remember that episode of Charmed when . . .".  For whoever out there wins second place, you'll receive $150 worth of touch which is a great deal because the you usually have to drop at least $200 to get some touch.

And speaking of sexy bloggers and contests, your handsome assistant editor advanced to the second round of the National League West Bracket of the Ladies… Hot Blogger tournament.  In a tight race, reminiscent of the '60 presidential election where once again the Chicago vote was tallied late, the Irish-Catholic was able to squeak out a victory over the favored Red Sox Stats Guy.  Although many believed his victory was assured because he included his adorable son in his photo, he was very gracious in defeat, so check out his new blog.  I'm off to the tavern to heckle the Cubs on Sunday Night Baseball and hit on the lovely barmaids with my newfound confidence. -KD 

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