Meet The Bro Who Holds The World Record For Eating Chicken McNuggets

As I may have mentioned once or 11,000 times in the past, I’m fascinated by world records and hope to eventually set or break my very own record someday soon. One record that I won’t touch, even with your taste buds, is that of the Most Chicken McNuggets Eaten in 3 Minutes, which was broken last year by a college student named Nicholas Holeman.

In the video below that you’re about to watch, because why else are you here, Holeman recently explained why he set out to break this particular, disgusting record and how he prepared for his quest that eventually saw him eat 24 McNuggets in 180 seconds. He seems like a pretty normal college bro, just trying to leave his mark on pop culture. However, admitting that the guy from the Dos Equis commercials is your idol?

Come on, bro.

And in case you’re a staunch McNugget defender, my distaste for the fast food snack comes from the fact that I’ve watched that video about how they’re made from the pink paste, and someone also sent me this video of McNuggets under a microscope, and now I may never eat anything ever again.

(Via AOL)