Meet Con Bro Chill, Lacrosse’s ‘Personality Of The Year’ And The King Of All Bros

I’m trying to be a lot better about reserving judgment these days until I fully understand the subject matter at hand, so with that in mind, I offer the most confusing topic that I’ve written about this year – Con Bro Chill. Known to lacrosse fans as Denver Outlaws midfielder Connor Martin, this flamboyant lacrosse icon is apparently the antithesis of the unintentionally hilarious lacrosse PSA that Vince posted on FilmDrunk two weeks ago, as he and his colorful cohorts have taken to YouTube and concert stages to spread their YOLO power party lifestyle to the lacrosse masses.

The aforementioned video, of course, featured a group of adult lacrosse players, including the guys from Adrenaline LAX and Happy Madison actor Peter Dante, telling kids at lacrosse camps about the importance of not adopting the lacrosse bro mentality. As a recovering bro, I was dumbfounded, because Dante is the epitome of a bro, so that had to mean that a lacrosse bro is something so much more outrageous and offensive. All I could think of was an Entourage DVD smoking weed with an LMFAO album while Vin Diesel plays the air guitar. And you know what? Con Bro Chill really isn’t that far off.

Mr. Bro Chill, as you can see on the cover of Lacrosse magazine (above), is the three-time Laxie Personality of the Year, which is both an award I’ve never heard of and just a generally strange statement to me. But it’s not strange to the hundreds of thousands of fans, who have helped some of Con Bro Chill’s music and comedy videos top 1 million hits on YouTube. As someone who is both hip to the pop culture circuit and spends hours scouring YouTube for random crap, I was shocked I’d never seen Con Bro Chill’s videos before. I was also a little relieved.

I can’t tell if these music and comedy videos are what they appear to be at face value – a bunch of guys trying to act as obnoxious as they possibly can because that is the lifestyle they have chosen – or if they’re more of an over-the-top mockery of the YOLO craze. If it’s the former, it must be stopped. If it’s the latter, it needs to be toned down. But I’m just one old, reformed bro, so what the hell do I know?

What Con Bro Chill has created and accomplished thus far is remarkable, because nobody watches professional lacrosse. In fact, I regularly forget that professional lacrosse exists. Maybe Connor Martin and his army of neon warriors are working to change that. Maybe the point of Con Bro Chill and the in-your-face ridiculousness of his music and comedy is to make sure people like me are haunted and scarred by the existence of lacrosse bros. One thing is for certain, I’ve never been so confused about a phenomenon in my life. See for yourself.