Meet Megan Welter, Iraq Veteran Slash Foxy NFL Cheerleader

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07.31.13 13 Comments

Megan Welter

I know you don’t think “these women are willing to die for me” when you watch NFL Cheerleaders dance, but here’s a story to shake up your perspective.

This is Megan Welter. She’s a cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals. She’s been dancing competitively since age 9. She’s also a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, spent a 16-month tour in Iraq during the war and fought for our country on the daily.

Yeah, she’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a news report via Yahoo Shine conducted by ABC 15’s Craig Fouhy, a great reporter and one of my favorite System of a Down songs.

From the report:

Welter started doing baby ballet classes when she was 3 years old and danced competitively from the age of 9. After high school, she participated on her college dance team. When she graduated in 2007, she shelved her dreams of a career in dance. “The war was going on at the time when I graduated college,” she told ABC15. “I wanted to take a job that was going to be meaningful, so I decided to join the Army.”

Welter completed basic training and then enrolled in Officer Training School. “I was commissioned a second lieutenant at the end of April in 2007,” she said. “And from there I became cable platoon leader and I deployed a month later from Henning Air Force base] to my unit to Iraq.”

You can read the rest of the story here. If “being a cheerleader” and “serving our country” isn’t enough to make you like her, read that line about how the pre-game flag and anthem give her goosebumps.

You’re awesome, Megan. Thanks for doing what you do.

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