Meet The 78-Year Old Man Who Coached His Grandson’s Basketball Team To The State Tournament

Living the sweet life as the 10th-ranked men’s doubles player in the nation for his age group, Mike Carrico seemingly has it made. The 78-year old Encinitas, California resident spent his days knocking off 75-79-year old competitors left and right with his tennis partner, David Inman, without much of a care in the world. But then his teenage grandson came calling one day and *record scratch* Mike’s world had been flipped upside down. Soon Mike was living back at home with his family in Dubois, Wyoming and he was suddenly the coach of the boys’ basketball team at Dubois High School. The only problem was *dog covers eyes with paws* this grandfather had never coached a day in his life.

Quirky fish-out-of-water, straight-to-VOD movie trailer plot aside, this is the true story of a badass grandpa who dropped everything and moved 1,000 miles to help his grandson’s basketball team simply exist this year. Mike hadn’t even played basketball since his college days at Montana State, but he went ahead and took an online class, earned his coaching certification and, soon enough, he had led Walker Carrico and the Fightin’ [insert whatever their team name is here] to the state tournament.

As for Mike’s future in coaching, well let’s just say that the reigning Fremont County Coach of the Year will return to Dubois High next year for Walker’s senior year. If there’s an award for the Internet’s Grandfather of the Year, get ready to nominate Mike Carrico, coming to CBS this fall in the new comedy, Coach Grandpa, starring Abe Vigoda. He’s still alive, right?