Meet The NFL Lockout’s Bravest Faces

While NFL players and owners have left the league’s lockout in the hands of lawyers and judges, one faction in this cruel and malevolent tornado of greed and arrogance stands out for bravery, earnestness, sincerity, dignity, and all-around smoking hottery. I’m talking, of course, about the NFL cheerleaders. While players are restricted from using facilities or meeting with team officials, the cheerleaders have put the fan’s best interest into perspective, as a few of the league’s teams have launched their cheerleader auditions for next season in recent weeks.
The cheerleaders know that they may not have jobs next season, yet they brought in hundreds of wide-eyed and perky hopefuls to audition to become the next wiggling and writhing faces of their respective franchises, because they believe that America’s true pastime (get cheerleaders, baseball) won’t miss a single second next season. Most recently, the San Diego Chargers cheerleaders welcomed their newest additions, as did the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. And a few other teams did as well, but their web masters are apparently locked out, too (*cough* Baltimore Ravens *cough*).
Let’s pay these heroic spirit masters the respect they deserve by admiring their recent efforts in picture and video form. Also, I strongly suggest blasting Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” while scrolling through this.

(Chargers photos )

And here’s a look at the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders tryouts. So much bravery.

(Falcons cheerleaders photos )
P.S. – Patricia Fox, call me. Seriously, call me, I lost my phone and need help finding it.
(Pats cheerleaders photos )