Meet The Royals Fan Who Finally Got A Puppy After Her Sign Went Viral

Here’s the thing. When you make a promise, especially one in front of a national audience, you have to come through. And that was the case with Joe Onofrio and his girlfriend Katie Castan who held up the sign pictured above at a Royals home game last week. After the team disposed of the Angels in the ALDS, Castan finally got her wish.

According to the Kansas City Star, the couple had planned to adopt from a local shelter but then a flood of calls came in from dog owners. And one of them just so happened to have a corgi, the dog pictured in Castan’s sign.

Dreams do come true everyone!

“Since a corgi is the dog of my dreams, we went to meet her and I immediately fell in love,” said Castan, 24, of Prairie Village. “She’s just so sweet — everything we could have hoped for.”

The dog’s name is Lucy and dammit, this is a wonderful story. I know they say you shouldn’t stay together for a child, but can we make an exception for dogs? Lucy needs a two-parent home.

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