Meet Three Lucky Women Who Have No Clue Who Johnny Manziel Is

A lot of people might watch this quick clip from last night’s Jeopardy! and say, “Ha, check out them dumb broads who ain’t know nothin’ ‘bout no college football,” but I think those imaginary people are off base. The category, in case you missed it, was “Heisman Schools” and the answer, obviously, was “Johnny Manziel (2012).” Those of us who follow college football know that the question is “What is Texas A&M University?” or maybe “Where is Texas A&M University?” because I get really confused by that sometimes, since I’m not the brightest chrome Oregon helmet in the locker room. But these ladies simply didn’t know where Johnny Football went to school.

Do they deserve to be mocked for not getting this question correct? Not at all. In fact, I’d argue they should be celebrated for not giving an Aggie’s arse who Manziel is. It’s actually quite refreshing.

(H/T to the Big Lead)