Mega Gallery: The Stupid, Awesome & Cool MMA Tattoo Trivia Challenge

Who is that on Alan Belcher’s shoulder? The Blob? Francis, from “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure?” Wait, I think it’s supposed to be Johnny Cash. Man, I should’ve just put up a big picture of Alan Belcher’s arm and given a t-shirt to whoever guessed “Johnny Cash.”
But we’re going to do better than that. How about a t-shirt? With Leather has teamed up with the fine folks at Lugz to bring you part three of our Stupid, Awesome & Cool Tattoo Trivia Challenge. If you can click through the images and identify the MMA fighters based on their tattoos (and trust me, if you’ve ever seen these tattoos before, you know who they’re on), writer down your answers and send them along to me at This one is a little bit harder, so we’re giving you a full week: get your answers to me by next Wednesday, and maybe you’ll be the winner.
And don’t forget: if you’re wearing Lugz shoes when you go to the tattoo parlor, you will at least leave without anybody drawing skulls on your feet.

Helpful hint: He’s named Ross (or he knows somebody named Ross).
Helpful hint: He will be the lead singer of TOOL in 30 years.
Helpful hint: Not Ken Shamrock (slap me).
Helpful hint: Pretty sure you could play “OutRun” for the Sega Genesis by running at his navel.
Helpful hint: Not Kevin Nash.
Helpful hint: Three first names, used to drive a giant dinosaur.
Helpful hint: He ain’t going nowhere. He can’t be stopped now. Because he’s got that tattoo for life.
Helpful hint: Gina Carano does not have a bunch of tattoos (I’m sorry).
Helpful hint: Do not read his arm.