Meme Watch: Excited Soccer Kid Is Excited

10.04.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

Yesterday while going through some old images in my “SFW” folders, I came across this photo from a recent “friendly” match between the New England Revolution and Manchester United. On the left, you’ll notice that less-than-thrilled trophy-bearer is Man. U defender Nemanja Vidic. He’s meaningless to us, because he has completely been dwarfed by that pint-sized powerhouse to his right.
I don’t know that kid’s name, nor do I know why he’s hanging out with Vidic. Bottom line – I don’t care. That kid is awesome, and I couldn’t hide my desire to turn him into our latest Photoshop superstar. Exciting soccer kid is going far, so let’s get in on the ground floor.

Now with excellent video footage of our hero! Thanks to commenter jrkumor for the tip.

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