Memphis Grizzlies Players Play Card Game, Everyone Loses

01.05.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Ever wondered what NBA athletes do in their spare time on the plane to and from their games? As it turns out, it’s something stupid that would probably get you kicked off the flight if you did it on any commercial airline.

O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen, both of the Memphis Grizzlies, played some card games, and apparently, Mayo never paid what he owe (NSFW language).

Adrian Wojnahjeezmylastnameistoolong:

After a card game gone awry, Memphis Grizzlies teammates O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen had to be separated during a physical encounter on the team’s charter flight Monday, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Mayo owed Allen money from a card game, “Boo-Ray” and sources said Mayo became increasingly belligerent and antagonistic toward Allen when asked to settle the debt. Sources said Allen walked away from Mayo to go the restroom and returned to find Mayo continuing to berate him. Eventually, Mayo inched close to Allen, and sources said Allen hit Mayo.

“Tony warned [Mayo] to watch his mouth, and [Mayo] wouldn’t do it and just kept going off on him,” a source with knowledge of the incident told Yahoo! Sports.

Several players eventually separated the teammates, sources said. Mayo and Allen were brought into meet with Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins on Monday, and sources said the organization believed Mayo played the bigger part in escalating the encounter.

“Boo-Ray” is the same card game Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton were playing on the Washington Wizards’ charter flight last season that ultimately led to the confrontation in which Arenas brought guns into the team’s locker room. After the incident, several teams moved to curtail gambling on team flights.

Well, as we all can see, it’s clearly not the players’ fault for gambling and being sore losers (stupid sore losers, if I might add). It’s this damn “Boo-Ray” game. Expect David Stern to fine “Boo-Ray” $100,000 for being a dumb card game that’s ruining the players in his league.

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