This Memphis Player Tackled A Ball Boy, Stole A Game Ball And Flipped Everyone The Bird

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Shortly after Memphis lost 31-10 to Auburn in the Birmingham Bowl on Wednesday, Memphis safety Reggis Ball apparently stole a game ball that was on Auburn’s sideline. Hilariously, what you can’t really see in the video above, is that he also allegedly flipped everyone the bird after running away with it.

Just a couple of hours after the story and video of Ball’s thievery went viral, Memphis announced that he was dismissed from the team. Ball, for what it’s worth, is already a senior and Auburn was, obviously, the last game of his career.

What’s even more serious and troubling for Ball at this point is the fact that Auburn can get the police department involved if they choose to do so.

“He may decide to allow the school to handle it,” Birmingham police chief A.C. Roper told, “but the legal system can be utilized if he chooses.”

Stealing a football might not be a crime in Tennessee, but I would not be surprised whatsoever if that’s a heinous crime in the state of Alabama. Stealing a game ball from the winning team will surely make for a funny story for Ball, though.