Merry Christmas, Everybody (And Hey Santa, Bring Back Hockey)

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.21.12 7 Comments

He can do that, right? He’s Santa. He should be able to do anything.

Last year I got all sentimental about Christmas and a commenter told me I had Down syndrome, so this year I’ll stick to the basis.

On behalf of myself and Burnsy (and anybody ranking higher than us on the UPROXX hierarchy, which is … pretty much everybody), I’d like to wish everybody who has bothered to check this site in the last year a happy series of holidays, a Merry Christmas, and a joyous whatever else. We’ll be back on Monday with a fake fighting open discussion thread, but our normal schedule won’t pick back up until Wednesday. Take this time to get the hell away from the Internet, because it’s all Mayan apocalypse jokes and gun control arguments anyway.

We love you dearly, and we’ll be back Wednesday morning with some jokes about sports jerks. Be safe, and be well.


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