Mets Fans Have Lost All Hope… Again

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09.17.10 3 Comments

With the New York Mets currently 12 games out of first, barely treading water at a game over .500 and their magic number for elimination at 4, it’s pretty obvious how this season will wrap up for them. And while I’d like some of their classic choke magic to rub off on the Cincinnati Reds, I can’t help but think it’s kind of mean to make fun of them at this point. Sure, along with the Cubs, their fans claim it’s their season every year, and sure, they may have secretly killed Johan Santana while claiming that he’s just having surgery.

I mean, is it even that much fun anymore to pick on Mets GM Omar Minaya for consistently destroying the hopes and dreams of the millions of New Yorkers who lost a bet and had to be Mets fans? At least with Steve Phillips, the Mets flirted with hope while he flirted with skanks. I just don’t think it’s right to poke fun at a wounded fan base, and while I’d love to point out that Jose Reyes hasn’t been dancing in the dugout that much these days, I won’t.

But thankfully there are Mets fans with a strong enough sense of humor to lash out at the team. Video after the jump.

Via the very entertaining Greg and Lou.

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