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The Washington Nationals, at 16-43, are easily the worst team in baseball. The New York Mets know all about “suck.” They INVENTED “suck.” And last weekend against the Yankees in their so-called Subway Series, they refined “suck.” From

In the end, even a 15-0 loss [on Sunday] didn’t cost the Mets any more than the implausible 9-8 loss they endured on Friday night, not in any numerical way other than “runs for” and “runs against.” But it certainly did look untidy.

And while the Mets don’t need to care how others see them, how they see themselves is important. Moreover, when their primary starting pitcher is abused by the other team in town and the final score reads Yankees 15, Mets 0, some self-esteem does evaporate, and the next day at the office becomes a tad more important.

ASYLUM POLL: Will you watch more baseball now that winter sports are over?

The Nats, meanwhile, are thinking of tidying up their dugout by firing manager Manny Acta. Depending on who you ask, say, FOX Sports, the wheels already have been set in motion.

Acta will be replaced by bench coach Jim Riggleman, as originally reported on FOX Saturday Baseball. The only question is when. It could be a matter of days.

The only that sucks worse than the Nats? Watching more baseball.

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