A Mets Minor League Affiliate In Florida Sparked A Fire With Its Fourth Of July Fireworks

07.05.19 1 month ago

@ericjx on Twitter

July 4 is a time to look back on the history of America and reflect on our values and how they’ve grown over the course of the nation’s history. It’s also a great time for minor league ballclubs and people across these 50 states to blow a lot of stuff up, pretending to live in a world without recourse and consequences.

But fireworks are made of, well, fire. And when those explosives are not handled correctly or deployed in the right manner there can be some pretty nasty results. That was certainly the case in Port St. Lucie, where the Mets minor league affiliate had a fireworks display after a game on Thursday that went a bit haywire.

The fireworks sparked a fire beyond the park’s centerfield fence that was a bigger light show than the pyrotechnics.

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