The Mets Defied The Laws Of Physics On This Ridiculous 1-3-1 Groundout

The New York Mets are enjoying a run of success and acclaim they haven’t seen since 1999, riding the wave of momentum started by Wilmer Flores’ tears and the acquisition of stud outfielder Yoenis Cespedes (who was dumped by the last-place Boston Red Sox not too long ago) to an all-time team record for home runs in a month in August. They won their seventh game in a row on Thursday night. Because things are going so well for them, they can now bend the very laws of nature to their will.

The insane carom off of pitcher Carlos Torres’ foot is only the beginning, but it still deserves a second, MS Paint-assisted look:

We don’t know how the ball went that way, either, Carlos. Then, first baseman Daniel Murphy (not generally considered an above-average fielder), after the cat-quick reaction to bring the ball down, gathers and flips blindly to first base, praying that Torres has made it there in time. Torres must be one of the absolute fastest pitchers in baseball, because he beats Jeff Francoeur (who has not had fun this series) to the bag from the wrong side of the pitcher’s mound.

Maybe Torres just bent space like the wormhole in Interstellar. Either way, it’s a brilliant play with no true explanation, which pretty much sums up the Mets this August.