Mets To Rename ‘BJ Club’ [UPDATE: Not Really]

03.30.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Baseball starts tomorrow, and one of the challenges of every–yes, seriously. Opening Day is tomorrow. Anyway, the guys at The Apple satirized the New York Mets’ quest to promote a special section of the ballpark for discounted family tickets. The results were quite humorous.

Late last week, BJ’s Wholesale Club signed on to sponsor the section. In an effort to incorporate the sponsor into the promotion the Mets came up with Mr. Mets BJ Club [sic].[..]

Needless to say the phones at Citi Field began to ring off the hook. Half of the calls were from angry parents while the other half were from men desperate to get tickets in the new section.

–The [Faker Than Sh:t] Apple.

So now it’s “BJ’s Clubhouse,” which is still kinda dirty, though not as dirty as “Mr. Met’s Rest Stop At Mile 25” or “Mr. Met’s Exotic Double-Wide Trailer Of Secrets.” It’s all about the families, because why would you overprice one fan when you can do it to four at the same time?

UPDATE: Fake. Damn. I’m gonna catch hell for this at the Mile 25 rest stop.

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