Metta World Peace Promotes Mental Health Awareness By Being Out Of His Goddamn Mind

I’m not sure if Metta World Peace loves the film Meteor Man or if Eric Warheim just tricked him into thinking ‘Channel 5 Kid Break’-style slam dunk videos would help promote mental health awareness, but here we are: Metta World Peace is skateboarding across skyscrapers to dunk flaming basketballs because he wants your brain to work.

Armed with a 40 pound Curling Stone, Metta World Peace transforms into Metta Man™ to complete a backboard shattering triple slam dunk after a wild free fall skateboard ride through the skyline of New York to promote Mental Health Awareness …

Getting Metta to promote mental health is like getting LeBron James to promote humbleness. I guess we’re finally figuring out why he put “Metta” in front of “World Peace”.

[h/t Sweater Punch]