Miami Authorities Provide Details Behind The Fatal Boat Accident That Killed Jose Fernandez

Further information regarding the death of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez in an early morning boat accident was revealed in a press conference held Sunday. Florida Fish and Wildlife spokesman Lorenzo Veloz confirmed the death of Fernandez, along with two other men between the ages of 24 and 27, and noted that as of now, while speed played a role in the accident, there is no evidence that alcohol or any illegal drugs were involved. Neither Fernandez nor the other victims were wearing life vests.

Shortly after 3:00 am Sunday morning, a routine Coast Guard patrol came across a 32-foot vessel turned upside down on the rocks of a jetty near Miami Beach. Veloz told the assembled media that two of the three victims found were underneath the overturned boat while the third was in the water but did not confirm who was where. As of roughly 11:00 am Sunday, Fernandez is the only one of the three victims whose identity has been confirmed, as authorities attempt to reach the families of the other two victims.

Veloz also said that the three victims were the only people on the boat and that while Fernandez was the only member of the Marlins or pro athlete, the other two men were personal friends of his. The boat belonged to one of the two other victims and hit the rocks while traveling north at what is believed to be full speed. Veloz noted that the jetty is not very visible at night and that there is severe damage to the bottom of the boat.

“There is no other word to describe this but horrible,” Veloz said. The Marlins are also planning a press conference scheduled for 12:30 pm EST. Watch it here.

(Via ESPN)