This Guy Catfished Women For Three Years By Posing As A Dolphins Player

03.27.17 2 years ago

If you are over six-feet tall and weigh near 300 pounds, you will inevitably be asked if you play football. Or at the least, where you played football. At that point, you have two choices. You can lie and say “yes,” pretending to be a football player to explain why you are that big, or you can admit the shameful truth that you’re not a football player, but you’re just an overweight guy without a good reason for being 300 pounds.

Sometimes you feel like lying and say “yes” just to have a little fun, or maybe to convince the girl at the bar that you’re an athletic 300 pounds. However, that’s usually it. One little white lie and then you move on to resume your non-football playing life.

That wasn’t the case with Ricardo Agnant, who for the better part of three years has pretended to be a member of the Miami Dolphins in order to trick women into sleeping with him and also get to test drive expensive cars and get free meals. Agnant was exposed recently by Black Sports Online as a catfish, as they got screenshots of his many Instagram lies before he could delete his account.

There’s no record of anyone ever playing on the Dolphins by that name, but that didn’t stop him from running a scam for three years on anyone that would buy his story in the Miami area. The lie starts way back in 2014 with a really blurry picture of a lineman that he pretends is him setting a record in the 20-yard shuttle at the NFL Combine. The best part of this is that he says he did a 3.0 for a new record. This would definitely be a record, not just for linemen, but for everyone and by an absurd 0.7 seconds.

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