Miami Dolphins Fans Are Really, Really, REALLY Good At Working The Stripper Pole

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12.03.12 2 Comments

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, the Miami Dolphins only lost to the New England Patriots by a touchdown yesterday, and I say that it’s not shocking because the Dolphins are usually good for a close game against their bitter rivals this late in the season. But in even less of a shocker, the Pats’ 23-16 victory in front of the rain-soaked masses at Joe Robbie Pro Player Sun Life Dolphins Sun Life Stadium marked New England’s 10th AFC East title in 12 years, which makes me absolutely miserable, but it’s probably pretty fun for Pats fans.

As for Dolphins fans, though, they’re learning to look to other favorite pastimes to have fun as their favorite NFL team slowly climbs out of a two-decade funk. And it seems that the pastime du jour is working the stripper pole, and I fully endorse any female sports fan, or just any female north of 18 years in age for that matter, who wants to hop on the pole. It could be for making a tailgate more enjoyable or charity or just a general exercise, just go ahead and straddle that aluminum pony, ladies, because it will make me feel a lot better when I’m dropping my daughters off at pole-dancing class.

Anywho, some female Dolphins fans busted out the stripper pole before yesterday’s game and it was rather enjoyable.

Again, quite the valiant effort by these lovely South Floridians. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily ever want to be the bro that carries a stripper pole around in his truck, but if I were walking by this tailgate and spotted these ladies, I’d probably stop and pretend like I wasn’t staring at them. However, and by no means do I want to diminish what these women accomplished yesterday, this is not my favorite Dolphins-related stripper routine by any means.

No, that honor belongs to the lady behind a recent video from something called “Strip Clips”. Check it out on the next page, and while there is no nudity, I would consider this potentially NSFW. View at your own discretion.

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