Miami Really Is Trying to Act Like ‘The U’ Is Back, And We’re Here For It

College football is back and, just like your best friend who lives three states away, you forgot how good it was until you guys started hanging out again.

College football is like that, though. You miss it immensely when it’s gone, then gradually come to accept life for what it is while it’s away. Then, all at once, it comes roaring back into your Saturday routine and you remember all the goofy antics and absurd fun that comes with it.

The Miami Hurricanes, love them or hate them, are one of those absurd things that make college football great. On Saturday, Miami took on Bethune-Cookman at home in their season opener. Miami won, 41-13, as you might expect. But what wasn’t expected was a bit of jewlery cornerback Malek Young sported on the sideline after he made a play on defense.

Young, after snagging an interception, went to the sideline and immediately was given a gigantic gold chain with Miami’s U logo on it. The chain, as it turns out, is given to players who cause turnovers on the UM defense. Fittingly, it’s called The Turnover Chain. It was created by Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz. And it’s very new and very good.

It was a Diaz invention, players said, sprung on them Saturday morning. It looks like something L.L. Cool J wore in 1987.

Quarterman called it “Miami-style.” He also claimed it’s real gold. If true, that would be one expensive — and heavy — piece of jewelry.

“It’s crazy what motivates,” Richt said.

I’m sure this guy is a big fan of the chain.

Other sports teams tried to get in on the fun, but there’s only one U.

No, Bayern. You are not doing it right. But Miami certainly is.