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No matter your affiliation to the beautiful town of Cleveland, when LeBron James had what will infamously be known as “The Decision” special on July 8, we all wanted to burn something. A LeBron jersey. A book. Our eyeballs. Everything.

While a lot of Ohio natives decided to let fire on cloth be their way of coping with LeBron jetting out of town for Miami, a few more level-headed people have figured out a way to diss Mr. James and help out others at the same time. Let’s call it the anti-James movement.

The Scene and the Miami New Times have collaborated on a project to send all unwanted LeBron jerseys to Miami to give out to homeless people. Seriously.

Here’s our promise: Donate your stuff to The Wino and Gold LeBron Jersey Drive and we’ll personally make sure your formerly cherished items are given directly to a person of need in Miami. No, really. The good folks at Miami New Times will distribute the collection themselves.

We know you were too lazy to donate or burn your stuff this summer. It’s still sitting in your closet, or a box, and we want it. Please.

You have to give it up for the creative minds behind this plan. Not only does it do a little good for the less fortunate in the Miami area, but it is the perfect storm of dig towards LeBron. At any point in the year, James might be driving around South Beach in his Heartbreak Mobile, only to see four homeless dudes huddled up together, all sporting a version of his No. 23.

If that doesn’t show James how little his old city now cares about him, I don’t know what would.

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