The Miami Marlins Pulled Off The Strangest No-Hitter Against The Detroit Tigers

09.30.13 5 years ago

(via Getty Image)

The Miami Marlins scored a 1-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers yesterday to keep their season loss total at an even 100, and that’s a positive because finishing with exactly 100 losses is a pretty cool feat. Obviously, nobody wants their team to lose 100 games in a season, but I’m just trying to be an optimist for the several dozen Marlins that still actually give a crap. Also trying to be an optimist was Marlins pitcher Henderson Alvarez, who recorded a no-hitter in yesterday’s victory as well.

Except it wasn’t the most typical of no-hitters, as Alvarez needed a little help from Lady Luck to get the Marlins’ only run across the plate. More specifically, he needed a wild pitch from Luke Putkonen to allow Giancarlo Stanton to score and give the Fish the one-run lead.

It was undoubtedly a strange and exceptional outcome for Alvarez and the Marlins, but I can definitely think of a crazier way to get a no-hitter. Like, what if a shark had busted out of the stadium’s fish tank and bitten off all of the Tigers’ arms so they couldn’t even lift their bats? That would be bonkers.

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