The Miami Marlins Twitter Account Drew Outrage After Posting Video Of Ronald Acuña Jr’s Injury

As Major League Baseball hits its All-Star break, the topic of the day for many fans around the sport was injuries. Some notable players begged off actually playing in the game, for example, as they want to rest or rehab injuries. And one team hoping to avoid disaster on the field and failing was the Atlanta Braves, who saw star Ronald Acuña Jr. go down on Saturday and need to be carted off the field.

The visuals were awful all around, as Acuña injured his right knee going after a fly ball in right field in the bottom of the fifth inning against the Miami Marlins. Acuña tried to stand and walk off under his own power but could not, bringing concerned members of the team and eventually the injury cart to his spot in the field.

As Acuña lay in pain on the field and a number of other Braves players went over to both check on him and retrieve the ball, Jazz Chisholm Jr. turned the play into an inside-the-park home run. Which is probably why the Marlins tweeted about the run-scoring play, including video of what clearly looks like a pretty serious injury to another team’s opponent with the phrase “Want to see Jazz hit an inside-the-park home run?”

The run made the score 5-3 Braves, but the tweet was widely seen as celebrating the injury of a significant piece to Atlanta’s postseason run and insensitive to say the least.

The Marlins account quickly deleted the tweet, but fans shared screenshots and criticized the account throughout the evening. The post had some extra curious context to it, as earlier in the series, Acuña had complained to umpires after being hit by a pitch. It was the second straight game the star got chin music, adding to the tension between the two clubs to say the least.

Absolutely no one should want to see players get hurt, especially ones as talented and fun to watch as Acuña. Hopefully whoever thought this run was worth celebrating with a post, especially given the context, will give the idea of tweeting something like that a second thought in the future.