Miami Had To Put The Turnover Chain Away After A Fumble Was Overturned While Down By 27 To Alabama

The No. 14 Miami Hurricanes are learning the hard way that there’s no good reason to ever play Alabama during the first week of the college football season. The Hurricanes looked totally outclass for the first half of their matchup with the reigning national champions, as the Crimson Tide took a 27-3 lead into the locker room.

At the very least, we got one particularly funny moment out of this (well, unless you consider Miami getting boatraced funny) when the ‘Canes thought they had a turnover and busted out one of my personal favorite traditions in college football, the turnover chain. The problem: The play in question was a little unclear, as it was unclear whether or not Alabama’s Roydell Williams recovered the ball.

The good news for the Tide was that Williams did, indeed, land on it. Unfortunately for the ‘Canes, this meant sadly putting the turnover chain back into a box and walking back out onto the field all upset.

There is something very sad about the turnover chain having to go back into storage because a play is overturned. It might have something to do with Miami being down by 27 points at the time this happened, but that is not clear.