Miami Is Trolling Florida State Fans With This John Oliver-Inspired Site

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It’s been a while since Miami and Florida State have been really good at football at the same time. Despite this, the two teams still have one of the most fun rivalries in all of college football, as the Hurricanes and the Seminoles always seem to play entertaining games and compete for most of the top talent in the state of Florida in recruiting. Plus, the history between these two teams is awesome, as the two have played a laundry list of notable match-ups since the first time they met in 1951.

Both programs are considered flashy, and the smack-talk the two teams exchange is usually spectacular. The latest example of that came on Tuesday with one innocuous tweet from Miami’s athletic department:

It makes sense that Miami’s mentions have blown up this week, as there is nothing on Earth quite like #FSUTwitter, but this is still pretty strange. That is, until you click on the link and you realize that this is all a glorious troll job by Miami athletics:

Basically, FSU fans can express their frustrations, hit send, and have their comments go directly into the void of internet nothingness. The site is the same as the new site created by John Oliver this week,

If we learned anything back when Miami School of Law alumnus Marco Rubio threw shade at Florida State, it’s that the Seminoles will respond in due time, and it will be glorious.

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