US Soccer Captain Michael Bradley Is Embarrassed By Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

Getty Image

Michael Bradley, the captain of the United States men’s soccer team, is among the athletes speaking out against the immigration ban instituted by President Donald Trump.

Bradley took to Instagram early Sunday morning to elaborate on a statement he’d made to Sports Illustrated about his feelings towards the President’s executive action in banning travel from certain countries. Bradley said he was caught off guard by the question and felt he wasn’t clear enough about how he felt embarrassed by the ban as an American.

“I gave an answer where I tried to make it clear that while I understand the need for safety, the values and ideals of our country should never be sacrificed,” wrote Bradley. “I believe what I said, but it was too soft. the part I left out is how sad and embarrassed I am.”

It’s a strong message from not just an athlete, but one of the most prominent faces and captain of the country’s national team. We can expect to see more messages from athletes in opposition of the ban in the coming days, but there is something about a player known best for his efforts as a member of Team USA rather than with his professional team speaking out against the ban that feels a bit more forceful and impactful.