Patriots Receiver Michael Floyd Was Beyond Incoherent In The Video Of His DUI Arrest

Less than a week ago, the Arizona Cardinals parted ways with wide receiver Michael Floyd as a result of an arrest for driving under the influence. At the time, it was widely reported that Floyd’s arrest came as a result of sleeping at the wheel of a car, and now video evidence of the arrest has surfaced courtesy of TMZ Sports.

In the video above, Floyd was completely unresponsive to initial prompts from police officers in trying to awaken him and it is abundantly clear that he is not coherent when he finally stirs. His behavior then pushes officers to ask Floyd to leave the vehicle, even having the police representatives turn the car off on his behalf as the wide receiver refuses to do so. From there, the video continues to be anything but flattering for Floyd and it is no surprise that he was quickly arrested and processed as a result.

Since the time of his arrest and subsequent release from the Cardinals, Floyd has signed on with the New England Patriots as yet another reclamation project for the franchise. This documentation of his behavior will not play well, though, for either Floyd’s new team or the player and the original TMZ report indicates that more video evidence has yet to be released. Floyd is having a (very) rough week and it just got much worse.