Michael Irvin Thinks Ezekiel Elliott Needs To Learn The Enormity Of Being A Cowboy

03.26.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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Ezekiel Elliott is getting some advice on how to be a Dallas Cowboy from someone who struggled with it more than most.

Michael Irvin says the Cowboys running back needs to “understand the enormity of everything around him” and stay out of trouble after video came out of Elliott pulling down a woman’s shirt in front of a crowd on St. Patricks’s Day.

Irvin was asked about Elliott in an interview with Dallas radio station KRLD on Saturday and said the star running back still has some growing up to do.

Not to ever make an excuse for anybody, but he’s a young guy. And I don’t mind a guy having fun and all of that. But I need him to understand the enormity of everything surrounding him.

I know Ohio State is huge, but the Dallas Cowboys are something different. Everything you do, anything you do… that’s going to get out, that’s going to be a story. And you have to try to stay away from that. As I was watching it, I remember when I first saw it… I checked my calendar. Is this Mardi Gras?

Irvin said even though Elliott already knows better, he needs to be more careful or something could “come of it.”

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