Michael Irvin May Or May Not Have Just Taken Tim Tebow’s Virginity

so uh, is this guy on drugs, or what

What you’re watching, if you’re one of the souls brave enough to enter a “Tim Tebow gets humped” post and hit play on the video, is NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin getting an early Christmas gift from the NFL Gameday Morning team and going buck-f**king wild on it. It’s a little kid horsey with TEBOW written on the side. Then, if you need more context, a guy in a blood red suit looking way too much like the devil moves his wiener around on it and makes an O-face about how he’s gonna “ride it to the Supa Bo'” while some cackling guys in business suits a bunch of women in Santa suits stand around in the background smiling. It’s more or less the ass-to-ass scene from Requiem For A Dream, if I’m remembering that film correctly.

This is easily the worst thing to happen to the Cowboys since everything else on Christmas eve.

[via Joe Montana’s Right Arm]