Michael Jordan Is A Cheater And Should Be Banned For Life (From Beer Pong)

Shocking news in the world of ridiculously wealthy legendary athletes who can and will continue to do whatever the hell they want, folks. Charlotte Bobcats owner and middle-aged man who dresses like his sons, Michael Jordan, was hanging out with some bros at the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach over the weekend, and this photo was captured of Air Jordan in the act of committing one of the greatest fouls in the history of his iconic career.

Forget the controversial no-call on Jordan’s alleged push on Byron Russell that allowed him to hit the jumper to seal the Chicago Bulls’ Game 6 win and 1998 NBA Finals victory. This is a far greater offense. While playing a game of beer pong, Jordan’s elbow was clearly way beyond the edge of the table. Everyone knows that’s against the rules, and Jordan should have immediately chugged both teams’ remaining cups.

God help him if I ever catch his foot beyond the front of his cornole board. I will LOSE. MY. SHIT.

(Via TFM)