Michael Phelps Doing Okay For Himself

11.15.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Noted Olympian and marijuana experimenteur Michael Phelps is now rumored to be romantically linked with model and reality TV “star” Brittny Gastineau, seen here presumably getting ready for another tough day of processing payroll at the office. I feel so weird not adding an “e” or an “a” in that first name, or not writing it on my monitor in crayon.

[TMZ‘s] photog spotted the pair together at the Grove in Los Angeles … and as soon as our camera started up, they split in opposite directions.[..]

A source close to the pair tells us the whole thing is kind of new, but the pair hung out at the Mondrian Hotel on Friday night and were “very cozy.”

So they’re OBVIOUSLY an item. Brittny [ugh] is of course the daughter of former New York Jets defensive lineman Mark Gastineau, who had 107.5 career sacks after ten years with the New York Jets. Brit-Brit and Mark’s wife were the subjects of “The Gastineau Girls,” a series that ran 18 episodes on E!.

And I guess she models or something. Of course she does. I guess I should try to make up a fun tabloid-y mashup name for them. What about…Phelpsny? Potsmokiny? Wow, I really suck at this…

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