12.02.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

Sports Illustrated has named Olympic hero and yellow fever victim Michael Phelps its Sportsman of the Year, making him the WAIT WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIS FACE?

Am I going insane?  I know I’ve been kinda sick, but am I hallucinating this?   Because if this cover is right, then Michael Phelps’s face has shrunk to 80% of its original size since the Olympics, as well as becoming paler than the rest of his body and placed at the wrong angle on his head.

Someone please tell me I’m not crazy, that yes, it does look as if a low-ranking intern, possibly a chimpanzee or someone’s retarded son, was responsible for Photoshopping a professional photo shoot of history’s greatest Olympian for the world’s biggest sports magazine.

Dude, SI, I know times are tough and you’ve had to lay people off, but nerds who are good at Photoshop work for damn near free.  I pay 289 in wooden nickels and blank cassette tapes.  And let’s face it, he’s overpaid.

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