Michael Phelps Wore A Speedo And Distracted An Oregon State Free Throw Shooter

Michael Phelps probably doesn’t have much of a life right now outside of eating a disgusting amount of food and training for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, which are expected to be his final games before he ends his Olympic career. The most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympics is currently based out of Arizona and training at Arizona State, where his longtime coach runs the swimming team.

This is probably a really stressful time for Phelps – he and his wife are expecting a kid in May and, you know, he’s training for the biggest sporting event in the world – so any time he can blow off steam in a healthy way, he should probably take advantage of it. That was the case on Thursday night, when Phelps attended Arizona State’s basketball game against Oregon State. Phelps joined up with ASU’s student section and its famous “Curtain of Distraction,” which people jump out from behind when opposing players shoot free throws.

During the second half, Phelps and two pranksters emerged from behind the curtain, ripped off their clothing, and then danced around. They all wore bow ties, and for the second shot, Phelps busted out a speedo. It ended up getting the job done as the poor Oregon State player bricked both of his attempts from the charity stripe.