Michael Phelps Earned Another Gold Medal In His Final Race And The Internet Was Elated

Michael Phelps’ final Olympic race started by Ryan Murphy breaking a world record in the first lap of the men’s 4x100m medley relay. No big deal. Cody Miller dove in second, and swam almost perfectly, but the U.S. and Great Britain were neck and neck as Phelps dove in and his final few meters ticked down. Of course, Phelps edged out G.B. and set up Nathan Adrian, the final teammate in the relay, to bring home yet another gold medal for the United States and the greatest Olympian of all-time. It came down to the wire, it was dramatic, and it was the perfect way for Phelps to go out.

An emotional Phelps spoke honestly:

“I’m ready for something different. My swimming career might be over but it’s time for something new. This isn’t the end of a career, it’s the start of a new journey.”

Emotions aside, the internet loved Phelps’final performance.


Just look at this. Michael Phelps is a cheat code. He’s the impossible boss. He’s the guy who beats a Legend of Zelda game blindfolded and backwards because he wants to. He’s the best. He’s the F.I.S.H. (Fastest in Swimming History).

But the elation eventually turned to heartbreak…