The Internet Is Furious At Michael Sam After He Tweeted A Major ‘Star Wars’ Spoiler

Getty Image / Lucasfilm

It’s been awhile since Michael Sam has been in the news. He’s currently on the roster of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League, but he didn’t play much during the season because he was placed on the team’s suspended list.

Now, Sam is back because he made a whole lot of people on Twitter really, really, impossibly angry. That is because Sam saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens and tweeted out a major spoiler. We won’t say what the spoiler was, because that would make us jerks, but after realizing that tweeting out something big that occurred was a bad move, Sam posted this to his account:

Sam also deleted the tweet, because of course he was going to do that. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t good enough for the legions of Star Wars fans who follow him and saw the spoiler. Here is a taste of the replies he got (just a warning, some of these feature NSFW language):

There are a lot more of these, as you can probably guess. Sam has tried to respond to a few of these people, and he seems to be taking most of it in stride, but still, spoiling the biggest movie in the universe is so remarkably not cool.

(Via Independent)