Michael Smith Will Reportedly Skip Monday’s SportsCenter In Response To ESPN Suspending Jemele Hill

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10.09.17 14 Comments

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ESPN suspended SportsCenter co-host Jamele Hill on Monday following a string of tweets criticizing Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. Jones revealed that a new policy within the Cowboys organization would see any player that took a knee during the national anthem suspended. Jones wouldn’t use the word suspension, specifically, but they wouldn’t be allowed to play.

Hill’s comments included pointing out the hypocrisy of Jones soapboxing about the importance of not disrespecting the flag while the Cowboys owner happily employed Greg Hardy after repeated run-ins with the law. While it may not be a perfect comparison, the point being that Jones can put up with paying someone with a history as dark as Hardy’s millions of dollars, but kneeling for the anthem is too far.

Hill also went after Jones’ wallet, telling her followers that the best way to let Jones know that his behavior is unacceptable would be to stop watching, and stop buying merchandise. This put ESPN is an uncomfortable position because you have an ESPN employee telling her followers, in a roundabout way, that they shouldn’t watch their network if the Cowboys are on.

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