Jemele Hill And Michael Smith Say They Aren’t Pushing A Narrative On ESPN’s ‘SC6’

09.13.17 10 months ago 2 Comments

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Jemele Hill has been the topic of lots of conversation this week after she called Donald Trump a bigot and white supremacist in a Twitter rant on Monday. ESPN issued an apology for her words, while many athletes — out of work or otherwise — have rallied to support her.

Hill and her SC6 cohost Michael Smith were featured in a fortuitously-timed piece in The Ringer that was published on Wednesday. In it, the two argued that the SportsCenter show they air daily is much more tame than the opinions they may have outside the studio, and that ESPN isn’t pushing any particular narrative with their broadcasts.

Hill said many of the statements she makes that drum up controversy never actually make it on air, and that’s intentional.

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