Michael Thomas Did The Joe Horn Cell Phone Celebration After A Late Touchdown Against The Rams


The Saints and Rams played a highly entertaining game on Sunday afternoon in New Orleans in what could be a preview of the NFC Championship game in January.

The 6-1 Saints had a big first half lead before the Rams rallied to tie it at 35 in the fourth quarter, but New Orleans had a response in the form of a Drew Brees to Michael Thomas connection to take a 45-35 lead with under four minutes to play in the game.

It was a big touchdown for the Saints, but it was most notable because Thomas paid tribute to former Saints receiver Joe Horn by breaking out one of the most legendary (or notorious, depending on how you feel about prop celebrations) touchdown celebrations in NFL history. Thomas went to the padding on the field goal post, lifted it up, and pulled out a flip phone, just like Horn did 15 years ago.

I really appreciate the attention to detail of having a flip phone stashed under there, rather than an iPhone or something, just like Horn.

That, of course, drew a 15-yard penalty on Thomas that pushed the Saints back on the ensuing kickoff, because while the NFL has embraced group celebrations they still are anti-props. Luckily for Thomas, the Rams weren’t able to capitalize on the improved field position as the Saints defense got a big stop with 3:26 to go on fourth down and Thomas’ celebration can simply be admired for its nostalgic touch.

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