Bellator’s Michael ‘Venom’ Page Goofed And Danced His Way To A Dominant Pro Boxing Win

Entertainment Editor

Aside from a few scuffles and trash talk volleys directed at Paul Daley, 2017 has been a quiet year for the bombastic Michael “Venom” Page. Last year he went viral for literally crushing the skull of Cyborg Santos, then lost one of the boring fights in recent memory against Fernando Gonzalez to bring his MMA record to 12-0. Maybe it was the fact that he put on a Woodley/Wonderboy-type fight after one of the greatest finishes in MMA history and had to recoup mentally (and recover from injuries), but 2017 just wasn’t the year for Venom.

Luckily, we got at least the minimum allowable amount of yearly Venom as the Bellator star pulled a Conor McGregor and had his first boxing fight. Unlike McGregor, he was extremely successful, but in another inverse of McGregor, he fought a virtual unknown with a questionable record.

The sacrificial lamb was 2-12-1 Jonathan Castano, who went down in the third round via TKO inside Indigo at the O2 club in London, England. It reinforced one of Page’s biggest flaws — his flashy wins come against weak competition, but for sheer entertainment value, you have to enjoy his antics. Here he is, wobbling his arms, shimmying around, and holding back from instinctually throwing a forehead-caving flying knee.

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