Michael Vick Is Doing Something Unexpected In An Attempt To Help Rescue Animals

michael vick
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Michael Vick doesn’t need anyone to tell him he’s an unlikely advocate for animal treatment. He’ll tell you himself. Vick, who in 2007 was sentenced to 23 months in prison on dogfighting charges, is now pushing for a Pennsylvania bill that would allow police officers to rescue pets from hot cars, according to TMZ Sports:

Vick appeared at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and begged voters to pass a law that would make Penn. the 18th state to give cops the right to rescue animals trapped in hot cars.

“All animals require kindness and respect,” Vick said … “They depend on us like our children depend on us.”

Vick, who’s a backup for the Pittsburgh Steelers, added “I know I’m an unlikely advocate” for PA House Bill 1516.

That might be true, but good on Vick for taking this stance. By many accounts, Vick is a completely transformed person from his dogfighting days and this would only add to that belief. In 2011, Vick pushed for an anti-dogfighting law. Vick also wouldn’t be the first NFL player to push for greater animal safety. In July, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu documented what it’s like when an animal is left in a hot car for as little as eight minutes.

(Via TMZ Sports)