Michael Vick Has To Talk To His Manager

12.20.10 7 years ago

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      Michael Vick has signed on with a New Jersey Nissan dealership. And the results are humorously bad.
      The Urban Daily.

      The least fascinating people of 2010. Snubbed: you.

      Wait a second, Facebook is already selling shares? Are these the old shares or the new shares with horrible pictures scattered across the top?

      If you missed last week’s Corgi Friday, it’s time to get caught up. Here are 50 corgis playing in the snow.
      Warming Glow.

      The highlights of the non-BCS bowl games. Fresh…respected.
      THE Smoking Section.

      Horrible video games from 2010. It’s funny, because all of the shooters look the same to me these days.

      Here’s a music video from Adult Swim: Flying Lotus “Zodiac Sh*t”. It can’t be any worse than Ke$ha…
      Adult Swim.

      More music: it’s the review of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack.
      G4 TV.

      Shaq Dons Glove, Imitates Micheal Jackson at Video Game Premiere
      The Hoop Doctors.

      Ten of the Best Movie Opening Credits
      Unreality Mag.

      Man Pays Homage to ‘Chuck’, Legally Changes Name to ‘Captain Awesome’
      Fork Party.

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